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was established with an area of 92 hectares and an infrastructure of about 20 hectares in Bakıxanov province with the aim of using imported wood pulp and using wheat fiber pulp, which is one of the advantages of Azerbaijan. This collection is currently using the latest technologies of this industry and complying with international commercial and operational standards in the production and supply chain, and by paying attention to the society and the environment to preserve the forests, we have been able to take a step towards meeting domestic needs.

In this regard, the second phase of the complex was launched in 2014 in order to produce cellulose fibers from wheat fibers using the most modern equipment in the production of food fibers.
The third phase of the factory in 2020 will produce products such as carboxymethyl cellulose and cellulose powders, which can create more employment and economic prosperity by supplying imported soluble pulp in addition to the production of raw materials needed for its papermaking line.
Azez Cellulose Group currently has 500 direct workers and about 300 contractors, which, as a sustainable and responsible business, strives around the clock to produce the best product mix in the shortest time and provide it to customers.


The company provides a full range of services including product research & development, design, full scale production, sales and customer services, and have a strong reputation for excellence in product quality, innovation and customer services whilst being able to always provide the best value to our customers.

Our Brands
Our main products are baby diaper, baby pull-up, adult diaper, adult pull-up, lady sanitary pad, lady sanitary pants, wet wipes, etc.. Self owned products: Besuper, Bamboo Planet, Velona Cuddles, Baby Choice, Mother Choice, etc..

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