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azer cellulose


In the big family of AZER, we are united to promote the values of life. Passion and caring, growth and learning, self-love and loving humanism, respect and self-esteem are among our ethic and intellectual values that help us keep our family bond strong. We are committed to providing the best products to improve quality of life, because life is precious




AEZI baby diaper protects the baby's skin and helps prevent diaper rash with its special lotion containing vitamin E. Ultra absorbent and dispersing, it provides dryness for up to 12 hours thanks to its large, cotton-soft surface. It prevents the liquid from leaking out with its anti-leak barriers and helps babies to be comfortable and happy. With its body-compatible anatomical structure that allows babies to move freely and its super elastic velcro side bands that can be opened and closed many times, AEZI  baby diaper is the number one diaper that mothers can use safely from birth.



With the knowledge and confidence brought by our experience and technological infrastructure in the production of baby diapers and sanitary pads, we produce adult patient diapers and surgical face masks, which are one of the most sensitive products in the medical field, in our own company, in our new line equipped with advanced technologies, with great care and attention under the brand name nimara .In this diaper category, which has a very important place in patient care and adult health care, the nimara brand stands out with its product quality and superior features developed by our experts. Masks, which have become mandatory all over the world after the pandemic and are the easiest and primary assurance against Covid-19, are produced and packaged in our factory with fully automatic machines untouched by human hands.





BABAN1N ultra helps prevent irritation of the skin surface thanks to its special texture and soft upper surface that absorbs the liquid and traps it inside. Provides maximum dryness thanks to super absorbent polymers. With its wide, flexible wings and thin structure, it clings to the laundry and prevents slipping, while providing maximum protection against leaks. For women who prioritize comfort, BABAN1N Ultra pad is designed to make women more comfortable and free during busy times. BABAN1N  daily pad is ideal for women who want to feel clean, comfortable and safe every day.

Wet Wipe YAXş1 disposable wipes is a safe way to avoid spread of bacteria. Use one wipe per patient in hospitals and care institutions to cut off infection routes, e.g. when cleaning equipment and furniture around patients in hospitals. Also well suited for cleaning other hospital and care institution equipment.
Wet Wipe
ş1 wipes are also optimal for use in offices and on aircraft, trains, ferries and buses.

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